Tento projekt je aj o zdokonaľovaní sa v anglickom jazyku, preto vám ponúkame reflexie našich troch žiačok o tom všetkom, čo na pobyte v Dánsku zažili, spolu s výberom z fotografií.

My stay in Denmark was a nice. It taught me to be more independent and a little better in my English language. I lived in an amazing Danish family who knew English very well. For me it was a short week to improve my English but we miss it a lot now. I will never forget this week. I found a lot of friends and we communicate together every night. I would like to come back to them. Denmark is a very beautiful country and it is also tidy, spacious, and free and these are the things that are different from our city. I am very glad that I could get to know a new city and a new culture. It’s very different from Slovakia. It was something different but I got used to it. I did not want to go home. Thank you Erasmus+ for this week.



I’ve never been in Denmark before. I’ve visited a lot of countries because I dance in folk ensemble and we travel to folk festivals; learn about different cultures, meet new people but this country will remain in my heart. People are very nice, friendly, happy and always smiling. At first I didn’t think that people in Denmark were very friendly but I was wrong. My host family and my host sister are friendly, funny and very generous. I felt like at home. In Denmark I’ve visited beautiful places, tasted typical Danish foods and deserts. I’ve met a lot of new people and I’ve gained amazing friends. It’s super when you have friends in different parts of world and you are in contact with them. Gug school and Danish school system is very good for me. I like this because pupils spend more time in school than in Slovakia but they don’t need to learn at home. What was new for me was that pupils call teachers by their names. I liked the school clubs in which pupils have fun and spend their free time. Historical Aalborg is great but I liked modern buildings like „Music House“ too. I’ve visited Blokhus beach with my host family and we’ve been in Lønstrup. This trip, the lighthouse and the view there was amazing. When we were in UCN we tried very interesting things like virtual reality, robots and 3D printers. My visit to this amazing country was a great experience for me. If I could come back to Denmark I’d travel there right now. I wish everyone experienced some „exchange visit“ because it’s good for life. I miss Denmark and I hope that I’ll see you soon in Slovakia or maybe in Denmark.



When I found out that I was selected for Erasmus+ project in Denmark, I was very excited, but on the other hand I was little worried. I thought that Denmark was very different form Slovakia. And when I arrived, I saw these differences between my home and Denmark. But after a few days I spent there with my new friends I realized that we have a lot in common. We all want the same things – finish our school, find a good job, have a family, and achieve something.

When we were at UCN, we realized that we have unlimited possibilities. At Gug Skole we realized that collaboration and respect are very useful. At Lønstrup we saw that we can explore something new everyday and we fell in love with this place, too. And I think this is the point of this project> meet new people, learn about their culture, visit new places, see the world. And I think that we accomplished that. We met amazing people, we got to know their lifestyle and culture, we visited some incredible places, and we have a lot of wonderful memories now.